I build small web applications that solve problems that I have. Each project uses at least one technology that I'm trying to learn. All of my projects are breakable toys. They're all open-source (or will be open-sourced).



A Webpack configuration wizard I built to make the initial setup for new web application projects easier. It currently generates a starter for React projects. I'm planning a v2 and will be announced soon.



The writing app of my dreams. I've been semi-consistent with writing the past few months but never found a place to write that I quite liked. So I built my own. Aurelius helps build a writing habit by keeps track of your writing sessions, your streak. I'm also thinking of ideas that will make it a hub for serious writers.

Inspired by Blurt.



An easy way to announce product updates, releases and show banners inside React applications.



All the things I need to start a web application project in one place. It's built on Next.js, Chakra UI, and Typescript. ESLint, Prettier, NextAuth, Prisma, Google Analytics, and Sentry are pre-installed and configured.

Catalyst UI


Catalyst UI is a collection of pre-made Chakra UI components that can be mixed and matched to quickly build websites.